Narlis Farm – Farm activities according to season


  • Preparation and seeding of the croft, produce of the early vegetables, such as lettuce, beets, herbs, garlic, beans, green beans, potatoes, arugula, purslane, cucumbers, zucchinis.

  • Produce of wild apricot and wild pear!! We make jam and melanodermes!

  • Gathering Capers for saltwater and reed-wheat.

    Season suggestion: Easter Holidays, experience a unique Sifnos traditional Easter Sunday celebration lunch in our Farm.


In our Farm you will find a pear tree garden. The pear qualities are more than 100 years old and have withstood hardship from both nature and man! In all probability these trees cannot be found in Greece or possibly anywhere else the world! Fruits with a fantastic texture, aroma and taste, these trees are definitely worth the effort of preserving and spreading out. 

  • Croft will overflow with vegetables and herbs. A heavenly sight!

  • Threshing of Fava beans! Threshing chickpeas !

  • Sun-drying tomatoes and figs, gathering melons and watermelons.

Season suggestion: Last days in August we harvest grapes and place them on rooftops to be sun-dried!


  • Most of our vegetables are still strong enough to produce but we mainly have cabbages, broccoli and cauliflowers. Onions are ready to gather and to be weaved in braids.

Season suggestion: Join us in the first days of September to experience traditional grape crushing festivities for our white or red sun-dried wine.

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