Traditional Cooking Lessons

Private traditional cooking lessons on a sunny day in a beautiful farm in Sifnos! One of the most interesting and fascinating experiences at Sifnos island is to participate in a traditional cooking class. Sifnos cuisine is based on vegetables and locally grown herbs, with simple and savory recipes of the old we have researched and revived with the exclusive use of produce locally grown, from biological organic seeds, and the fruits of trees that lasted through the ages, like our apricot and pear trees (vasilika variety) who quite possibly do not exist anywhere else in the world anymore!

In our farm, you will have the chance to discover the secrets of Sifnos traditional diet by coocking alongside us, over friendly conversations while enjoying our hospitable environment. The Farmland is located in the center of Sifnos island between the Apollonia and Kato Petali regions.

We will be expecting you to arive at 9:00 am and together we will prepare and partake our breakfast. A genuine Sifnos breakfast comprised of Sifnos Honey, homemade marmalade jam, homemade cheese and eggs from our own free range chickens. A truly rich and special meal!

We will discuss on our day's menu, and prepare ourselves for our daily activities...

At 10:00 we walk to the croft were we can enjoy the garden and gather any necessary produce for our meal of the day.

With freshly picked produce chosen by you and with your aid preparing them, we will create beautiful healthy dishes that taste fantastic!

Upon returning to the house we can begin to prepare your lunch or dinner: two salad dishes, two hors d' œuvres and two main courses.

A selection between our local dry white or sweet sun-dried red wine, may accompany your dinner table.

For dessert we have a selection of fruit between watermelon, melon, pear, apricots, damsons that depending on the season are unique and are grown from our own organic biological seeds.

The duration of the cooking lessons is between 2 – 3 hours and they can be arranged for either supper or dinner, at the end of the lesson we sit around a table to enjoy all the delicacies that together we have prepared.

During your entire visit, a friendly and accommodating English speaking assistant (for French or Russian speaking assistants arrangements can be made upon request) will be eager to answer any questions you may have.

Please keep in mind that you may combine traditional cooking lessons with any other activities such as gardening arts in our croft or pottery at the shop that operates at the farm's premises.

The duration of the courses lasts 2-5 hours and can be arranged in the morning or evening, as we sit at a table and enjoy all the delicacies we have prepared. (participation in children over 10 years old.)