Narlis Farm

Giannis and Flora as a young newlywed couple in 1953, only had but one resource, their love for each other and their love for “Mother Earth”. They had to take up cultivating a 'waterless' farm land!

They tried to dig up a well, but after reaching 15 meters in depth it was impossible for them to continue and all their efforts were for naught. What they had managed was to dig up what was commonly known as a “dry well” (in Greek: xeropigado).

Having no other choice, they began to cram up the well.

Yet their dream to find water and their vision for a green croft all year round filled them with hope and gave them strength.

What happened next...

You can only find out the rest of this story, up close!

While being treated to a fine glass of organic biological wine, accompanied with a side of homegrown fresh tomatoes and cheese!

Narlis Farm. A 100% traditional Sifnos farm. Full of vegetables – herbs – Trees and Fruits of aged varieties surviving in our days, offering their unique tastes prepared in traditionally cooked dishes.

Come visit us in Sifnos Island, a primary culinary and hospitable destination. You will enjoy a memorable vacation.