A Family Owned Farm

The three generations farm that operates exactly the same as it was thousands of years ago, is now open for you to visit!

Here at Narlis farm, we are cultivating fruits and vegetables exactly the same way people used to cultivate them on the islands many centuries ago
without the use of water.

We are passionate about nature as much as our grandfather and great grandfather used to be and we perceive nature as the real “boss” of our business. And we are just helping nature do its job naturally, like thousands of years ago.

Before humans started placing obstacles and creating problems, produce used to be cultivated without water. And this is what makes a product organic. Our products are 100% organically cultivated which you will realize once you give them a try.

We guarantee that once you take part in one of our programs at our farm, you will be surprised from the difference in the taste and aroma of all the fresh products that you will be able to taste.

You will have the chance to try them uncooked or cooked during our cooking lessons trying out different traditional recipes from Sifnos island.

Witness the traditional way of cooking, like our ancestors used to do, using clay pots that are also made at Gianni’s farm.

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Activities Indicative Schedule

MORNING COOKING Class (9.00-14.00 )
We will be expecting you to arrive at 9:00 am  and together we will
prepare and savor our breakfast. A genuine Sifnos breakfast comprised of Sifnos thyme honey, homemade marmalade jam, homemade cheese and eggs
from our own free range chickens.

A truly rich and special meal!
We will then discuss our day’s menu, and prepare ourselves for our daily activities…

At 10:00
We will walk through our farmstead where we will enjoy the garden and gather any necessary produce for our meal of the day.
With freshly picked produce chosen by you and with your aid preparing them,
we will create beautiful healthy dishes that taste fantastic!

Upon returning to the farmhouse we will begin to prepare your lunch or dinner: two salad dishes, two appetizers and two main courses.
A selection between our local dry white or sweet sun-dried red wine, will accompany your meal.

For dessert we have a selection of fruits, depending on the season, such as watermelon, melon, pear, apricots and damsons, all of them unique as they are grown from our own organic seeds.

The duration of the cooking lessons, including the time for your
meal, is between 3-4 hours.

Lessons can be arranged for either lunch or dinner. At the end of the lesson we sit around the farmhouse kitchen table to enjoy all the delicacies that we have prepared together.
During your entire visit, a friendly and accommodating English speaking will be eager to answer any questions you may have.
Please keep in mind that you may combine traditional cooking lessons with other activities on our farm such as gardening activities in the farmstead or pottery in the workshop that operates within the farm’s premises.

When leaving our farmstead, apart from the beautiful moments we shared together, you will also take with you a “little-something” from us.

We follow the same program as described above, except the breakfast section.

You can visit the workshop “Art Ceramic Narlis” to experience a unique experience by attending pottery lessons and forming traditional ceramic items.14.00 to 16.00.

You can follow the lesson after MORNING COOKING Class. or before AFTERNOON COOKING CLASS

Minimum attendance of 2 people

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